Hello world!

Uh, coast guard. My god, do you know what this means? It means that this damn thing doesn’t work at all. No, Marty, we’ve already agreed that having information about the future could be extremely dangerous. Even if your intentions are good, they could backfire drastically. Whatever you’ve got to tell me I’ll find out through the natural course of time. There, there, now, just relax. You’ve been asleep for almost nine hours now. Huh?

Yeah, well uh, lets keep this brain melting stuff to ourselves, okay? Doc, you gotta help- Hello, hello, anybody home? Think, McFly, think. I gotta have time to get them re-typed. Do you realize what would happen if I hand in my reports in your handwriting. I’ll get fired. You wouldn’t want that to happen would you? Would you? George. Well, this is a radiation suit.

What? Yeah I know, If you put your mind to it you could accomplish anything. Whoa, whoa, okay. Stand tall, boy, have some respect for yourself. Don’t you know that if you let people walk all over you know, they’ll be walking all over you for the rest of your life? Listen to me, do you think I’m gonna spend the rest of my life in this slop house? You wait and see, Mr. Caruthers, I will be mayor and I’ll be the most powerful mayor in the history of Hill Valley, and I’m gonna clean up this town.

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